Young Volunteers for the Environment (JVE)

Young Volunteers for the Environment (JVE) began as a small group of youth who were touched by the degradation of their land and the impoverishment of their people.  They gathered weekly in the rural village of Tsiko (a mountainous area of Togo) to discuss issues of environment and development. Their concern for the environment and frustration with the lack of information on environmental issues available to them, prompted them to organize and begin working to provide a better future for the youth of Togo.

Consequently, JVE was founded in 2001 in accordance with Agenda 21 and the principle that "education is important to change the attitudes of the people and to ensure that populations have the necessary tools to assess and tackle the problems of sustainable development".

Today, JVE is an international environmental advocacy NGO operating in 13 countries throughout Africa and America. Its international scope has already been recognised by several local and international partners, including the Global Young Greens and the Global Youth Action Network.

Contact Information: 
B.P. 80470