NGO Participation Working Group

The participation of NGOs in the climate negotiations is key to remind governments of their responsibility to adopt an adequate climate agreement based on equity and science. NGO participation also ensures that actors are held accountable. The status of observers in the climate negotiations does not, however, allow NGOs to contribute with expertise and insights from communities as much as other UN fora do. The NGO Participation working group reviews procedures and practices related to the role of NGOs in the talks and advocates for more inclusive and transparent negotiations. Also, participation of local stakeholders is crucial in the implementation of mechanisms established under the Convention when the decisions adopted at the international level have direct impacts on local communities. The NGO Participation working group works with other CAN working groups to ensure that these mechanisms involve local stakeholders.

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Sebastien Duyck, CIEL,
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Sandra Guzman calls on countries to step it up

 Sandra Guzman from CEMDA explains that countries need to increase their commitments on long-term financing before COP17.


CAN Intervention - SBI Closing Plenary - 17 June, 2011

Thank you Chair,
My name is Sandra Guzman from the Mexican Centre of Environmental Law and I am speaking on behalf of the Climate Action Network.
We call on Parties to acknowledge the role of civil society, in the designing of the CDM appeals procedure. The CDM has often been criticized for its inability to reduce emissions and contribute to sustainable development. There lacks effective public participation, and meaningful public participation is a first step to address the wider impacts that flawed CDM projects have on global climate change.


A Slew of Fossils and Rays Awarded On Second to Last Day of Bonn Talks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  16 June 2011
Kyle Gracey
+1 814 659 2405

A Slew of Fossils and Rays Awarded On Second to Last Day of Bonn Talks


When the Rubber Hits the Road, Will Civil Society be Left Behind?

Last week, ECO wondered if Parties would “walk the walk” on supporting civil society participation. The full-day workshop included many nice words and sentiments, but ECO has heard a lot of those and is rather interested in whether those words would be followed up with action.

Now the rubber is hitting the road in the SBI Contact Group discussions. Unfortunately, to ECO’s dismay, the answer remains unclear.


Oh Aarhus Wherefore Art Thou?

Apparently, Parties didn’t get the message from ECO’s “CDM ‘Appeal’ for Justice” on Saturday. In an SBI informal, where Parties discussed the CDM appeals procedure, ECO is reliably informed that China pressed to shut stakeholders out of the discussions. ECO is now calling on Parties to stand strong and support our call for justice: project-affected peoples, communities and their civil society representatives must have the right to appeal CDM Executive Board decisions. Will someone please throw us a lifeline?

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Fossil of the Day Awards - Bonn - June 11, 2011

Japan wins first place fossil and the second place fossil goes to, Well, We Aren’t

First Place Fossil is awarded to Japan. Today Japan reiterated their position of
supporting the inclusion of nuclear facilities to CDM. Today, June 11th, the three-
month anniversary since the tragic earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear disaster,
saw thousands of Japanese people demonstrating against nuclear energy in more than
100 cities all across Japan.  It is hard to believe that Japan has not changed its position