Adaptation & Loss and Damage Working Group

The CAN Adaptation and Loss & Damage Group coordinates advocacy and policy work around adaptation and loss & damage. Within the UNFCCC, this encompasses work on different negotiation streams (e.g. National Adaptation Plans, Nairobi Work Programme, adaptation in the ADP) as well as following certain technical bodies (in particular, the Adaptation Committee and the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss & Damage). The group also contributes to crosscutting issues such as adaptation finance. After the COP19 decision to establish a loss & damage mechanism, the group’s name was renamed to include loss and damage, reflecting the increasing relevance of loss & damage discussions as well as the “beyond adaptation” nature of this issue area. Given the close links to the adaptation debate and the overlap in individuals involved, it was decided to keep both issues in one group. The group also exchanges information on aspects beyond the negotiations related to adaptation and loss & damage. New active members, in particular with concrete adaptation experience, are very welcome.

For more information contact:
Sven Harmeling, CARE International,
Harjeet Singh, ActionAid,
Camilla Born, E3G,

BonnIII 2010 ECO 3

Articles in this issue:

  1. Open Your Eyes to Success in Cancún
  2. REDD+ Partnership: No Foot in the Door for Stakeholders?
  3. The Russian BAU Riddle 
  4. Remembering Dr. Stephen H. Schneider (1945-2010)

BonnIII 2010 ECO 1

Articles include:

  1. Momentum Needed at Bonn III and Beyond
  2. Time to Move On! (regarding the US)
  3. Minding the LULUCF forest accounting gap
  4. Arctic Sea Ice Volume Anomaly and Trend from PIOMAS

CAN Intervention - KP Closing Plenary - 6 Aug 2010

Kyoto Protocol: Closing Plenary
CAN intervention

6th August 2010

Distinguished Delegates,

Tuesday's workshop left no doubt that we are on the way to exceeding the dangerous
threshold of 1.5 degrees if current Annex B pledges become their commitments for the
second period and current loopholes remain.
The projected abatement shortfall is between 7 and 10 Gigatonnes.
If you want to come to a global agreement to avoid dangerous climate change, you will
take any opportunity close this gap.

CAN Intervention - AWG Opening - December 3rd 2007

CAN intervention AWG Monday 3 December 2007 4:30-6 pm

Mr. Chair, excellencies, distinguished delegates, welcome to Indonesia and Bali (say also in Bahasa Indonesia). Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the over 400 member organizations of the Climate Action Network, my name is Elshinta Suyoso Marsden of WWF-Indonesia.