CAN Submission: National Adaptation Plans - August 2011

Overall, it is important that decisions in Durban set out and elaborate on an international process that will enable LDCs to formulate andimplement national adaptation plans, clearly articulating the role, responsibility and functions that the UNFCCC will offer, support and facilitate;

Elements in the run-up to Durban, such as the NAP expert meeting and the LEG paper on mid- and long-term adaptation planning, provide an important opportunitiy to prepare such a decision and should be used in a focused manner;

Given past experience, the specific form and format of national adaptation plans and strategies should be decided by each country, whether to create a stand alone plan as a complement or to incorporate the ‘elements of national adaptation planning’ into existing strategic plans;

The Cancún Adaptation Framework (paragraph 12, 1/CP.16) manifests important guiding principles which have to be further concretised in order to be applied in national planning processes.