CAN Submission: Methodological guidance for activities relating to REDD+, September 2011

The Climate Action Network International (CAN-International) is the world’s largest network of civil society organizations, with 700 member organisations in over 90 countries, working together to address the climate crisis.
The Climate Action Network (CAN) welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the work of SBSTA by giving our
views on the issues identified by SBSTA at its thirty-fourth session, recorded in document FCCC/SBSTA/2011/L.14.
This submission is in three main parts, corresponding to the issues identified by SBSTA:
1. Guidance on a system for providing information on how safeguards referred to in appendix I to decision
1/CP.16 are addressed and respected;
2. Guidance on modalities relating to forest reference emission levels and forest reference levels;
3. Guidance on modalities for measuring, reporting and verifying as referred to in appendix II to decision
In addition, there is a short section on forest definitions which might be considered as part of either the first or
third sections...