Tatiana Shauro - Regional Campaigns Communications Officer, EECCA

Regional Campaigns Communications Officer, EECCA

Tatiana, based in Russia, joined CAN as Regional Campaigns Communication Officer in September 2016, but was involved in CAN work as a member organization employee since 2013. She was working for the Russian Socio Ecological Union (RSEU) for 3 years, specifically in the Climate Secretariat; in 2014 RSEU became Friends of the Earth Russia. As a project manager she was leading many climate projects such as: World Wide Views, Climate Ambassadors, Step to Ecosupport, SPARE, etc.

She considers the project on Climate Doctrine evaluation by the Russian regionsone, as one of her main achievements, as analytical reports, guidelines for regions, infografics and personal conections with the local authorities were developed during the two year project.

Tatiana got into the environmental movement in 2005 when she met with Greenpeace and asked for their help in fighting illegal construction. Since that time, Tatiana has become a Greenpeace volunteer and knows that her life will never be the same. She was involved in the "Kids for Forests" movement, actions against pipeline near the Baikal Lake, actions supporting Arctic 30, climate change awareness raising events and much more.

Tatiana holds a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering and Masters in Ecology and Biodeversity. From January to September 2016 she traveled South East Asia exploring the local activism.