Sarabeth Brockley - Senior Relations Manager

Senior Relations Manager

Sarabeth -- New York City, NY – USA worked at the intersection of science, policy creation and citizen empowerment within governments, NGOs, as well as the UN Secretariat for the past 5 years.  Currently, she consults tangentially on projects that promote civic engagement, social justice, water rights and climate change.

She comes from an Environmental Chemistry (BS) and Environmental Policy Design (MA) background from Moravian College and Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  Recently, she worked as a Policy Analyst for the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, contributing to the research and framework of the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda for SDGs (6, 13 and 17), as well as UN-Water and the UNFCCC.  During this time, she consulted on strategic community plans for CARE and Citizen’s Climate Lobby focusing on strengthening partnerships and network expansion. 

Previously, she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru (2011-2013), and worked as a NSF researcher during her BS and MA on water issues focused on quality and access. Sarabeth passionately practices street photography and community organizing.