Richard Fribert - Sustainable Finance Intern

Sustainable Finance Intern

Richard is currently living in Copenhagen, studying for a Master's Degree in Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, with a focus on the Latin American context and the Spanish language. He is about to start his third semester out of four.

During his current education, Richard has learned more about how to tackle social and environmental challenges, the understanding of how different actors interplay and how to facilitate improvement of our world in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible. Last spring, he also participated in the international student organization OIKOS's lectures on sustainability and received a Sustainability Diploma of 2016 for his efforts. Moreover, having been very passionated about the sustainability the last 4 years, he researched consumer's perceptions of ecolabels in his Bachelor's thesis at Lund University in Sweden. He is very eager to add more practical aspects to his theoretical knowledge during his time at CAN.