Minh Phuong Hoang - Communications Intern


About Minh Phuong Hoang

Minh started as an intern for CAN-I in October 2020.

Minh has two years of experience in CDM, GHG inventory, carbon footprint and renewable energy in Viet Nam. Currently, she is a second-year master's student of Sustainable Development at KU Leuven, Belgium. Previously, Minh worked as a Project Assistant for a World Bank project on climate innovation and as a Policy Consultancy Assistant for a private consultancy company in Viet Nam. In her previous job, she had experience with migrating and updating the company’s website and managing the company’s documents and portfolio.

Minh also runs her small business in Viet Nam to promote eco-lifestyle, fair trade, circular products, and attempts to develop a space for people interested in urban gardening. She is eager to contribute to CAN as well as gaining insights and experience through her internship.