ZERO Regional Environment Organization

ZERO's Vision

A global paradigm shift, changing minds, promoting prosperity for all.

ZERO's Mission

To work with rural and urban communities fostering balanced, healthy growth and self reliance within a rapidly changing world.

ZERO's dynamic vision and mission statement are reflective of a local agency, functioning regionally, thinking globally.


Zero coordinates, catalyses, facilitates and evaluates all types and levels of development projects in the region.

Policy advocacy is also a role Zero plays evolving out of research conducted and programs implemented. We know from experience the how and the why of what works
in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Projects developed and administered by Zero include agricultural productivity and land resources issues. For example, wind pattern studies have been carried out leading to the development and erection of wind turbine electrical generation plants. These have been used to power irrigation farming in, and bring electricity to, rural Zimbabwe.

Zero also develops other renewable energy sources, appropriate technology and stimulates income generation models in rural areas. SADC cross border trade development and support projects fit well into Zero's regional role as a trade and employment catalyst and facilitator. Agricultural and climate change research and project proposals, programs addressing gender and HIV and AIDS issues have also been areas of focus.

Zero organises and holds national and regional development seminars and workshops, and undertakes and publishes research and reports. With the United Nations, IUCN World Conservation Union and other international agencies and public institutions as partners,
Zero works on the implementation of sustainable development initiatives. Zero is the lead agency in Zimbabwe for the implementation of the United Nations sponsored Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and functions as the Regional Secretariat for the Community
Organisations Regional Network (CORN), a SADC country member network.

How does ZERO execute its work

ZERO's modus operandi is based on:

  1. facilitating the identification of people's needs and priorities;
  2. facilitating development and exchange of ideas and solutions to identified problems;
  3. providing linkages between these ideas and policy/decision making processes; and
  4. facilitating changes in policies.

The specific techniques and strategies that ZERO uses are:

  • Applied Research
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Information Documentation and Dissemination
Contact Information: 
158 Fife Avenue PO Box 5338