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Today we all are at a crossroads. Fossil fuels for energy production are nearing exhaustion. A review of naprekasnato rising production and consumption of energy is climate change, destruction of vast land areas for the extraction of fuels, unsolved problems with radioactive otpadatsi worldwide drought. All that we leave a legacy for posterity. It is time to accept the new approach when planning our energy future. The introduction of energy efficiency measures, development and deployment of new, clean and safe renewable energy technologies is imperative that urgency. Ignoring existing alternatives before us, we risk more than you can afford.

Campaign: Energy Efficiency 

Compared with EU countries Bulgaria consumes 7 times elektroenrgiya 1tsa of GDP.Over 40% of households in the country fall into the category of "energy poverty" because they are unable to cover their costs for energy (electricity and heating) without compromising on other important needs such as food, education etc. As early as of experts created a National Strategy for Energy Efficiency, including more than 100 measures and the implementation of which would lead to savings of 2345 MW of electricity (the first 4 blocks of NPP "Kozloduy" produce a total of 1760 MW).Unfortunately, this strategy was never implemented in practice. Currently Agentsiyatya Energy Efficiency made ​​a new one which is not yet available to the public and its implementation remains uncertain future. Earth work for the implementation of effective and affordable measures for energy savings by 1999., When he joined the International Network for Clean Energy and Energy Network International Brigades

We are against nuclear power because we have in mind a lot of information that can be heard in the media and we can prove that it is not only an example for environmental but also financial recklessness - zaveveshtanie for future generations of the dangers and problems in the maintenance of waste . At the same time we live with the risk of accidents, pollution incidents and nuclear transport. Is this a better standard of living?

Poverty makes us believe in the myths of "safety" and "inevitable evil", hoping for "better future", but how to do better after zaveveshtavame problems poisoned land and uselessness.

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