UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)


Put quite simply, we are a group of young people who are working together to create a future for ourselves which is happy, affordable, clean and safe.

But we’re not just another organisation who points fingers at the bad guys and moans about how rubbish the government is.

We believe that to tackle climate change, we need something new. We need an inspiring vision of how we want the world to be in the future and a movement that anyone can feel part of.


Justice across generations

Young people today, and future generations, have the right to a healthy planet that is free from dangerous climate change and is maintained through the sustainable use of resources.

Justice between people of the same generation

Climate change is disproportionately harming the health and livelihoods of people living in poverty. These people tend to be least able to influence the decisions made at national and international levels. Efforts to tackle climate change should take into account the needs of the people at greatest risk, and to do this effectively, these people must be listened to. Such efforts should help to address the injustices we see across the world today, not enhance existing inequalities.

Empowering young people

The impacts of climate change, and the responsibility for mitigating climate change, will fall largely on young people, as we inherit the legacies of past generations. Young people need to feel empowered right now, to take action to influence decisions that will shape our lives.

Broadening and diversifying the youth movement on climate change

Climate change will affect everyone, everywhere – it’s not a special interest issue. Young people in diverse communities across the UK deserve to have their say in the climate change debate, and we as a climate change movement can only benefit from listening to different people’s stories and perspectives.

Participation and deliberation in government decision-making

No decisions about us without us! Policies on climate change mitigation and adaptation will shape our lives, so young people should be actively involved.

A holistic approach to climate change

This is not just about numbers and targets but is about people’s lives, communities, and the places we live in.


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