Sri Lankan Youth Climate Action Network

Sri Lankan Youth Climate Action Network also known as SLYCAN among the youth active in the environmental field is a  youth lead and youth based network that facilitates the youth across Sri Lanka to come under an umbrella organisation that share a common goal with them.

The vision of the organisation remains to link the youth and to collaborate in environmental initiatives that would create a founding stone for the betterment of the environmental protection in Sri Lanka.

One of its key focuses is the adverse effects that humans face due to Climate Change. It should be noted that this is a topic that is not much discussed till of late in Sri Lanka though it deserves much discussion. The member of SLYCAN has taken it upon themselves and considers it their responsibility in voicing their stand and spreading the work in  order to take productive action against Climate Change.

Initiated at the aftermath of the devastation caused by the tsunami, SLYCAN has being part of many projects within Sri Lanka as well as in the South Asian region leading to the global level.

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