Slum Women's Initiative For Development (SWID)

Slum Women’s Initiative for Development (SWID) is a community based nongovernmental organization that was founded by Director Joyce Nangobi and a small group of 30 passionate grassroots women who took it upon themselves to mobilize community members against the unjust, routine evictions that were taking place in the slum settlements of Walukuba Masese Division of Jinja, Uganda. 

We were formed by the grassroots for the grassroots and we see ourselves as an organizing body for women's savings groups in Walukuba Masese and Wakitaka. Grassroots women are capable of identifying their own needs and therefore require enlarged support to existing initiatives rather than top down interventions. We have developed a system of group savings and rotational borrowing because our reality is that few institutions want to lend to the poorest. We have graduated from a community based collective to an NGO whose impact is both local and global.  

Through a holistic approach to community development that focuses savings and credit in the context of land and housing, environmental protection and conservation, health and home based care to vulnerable groups, and above all a  to our lived experiences, SWID has given communities a desire to participate in the political, social and economic processes that most impact their lives. It is through these strategies that SWID continues to support and sensitize community members on gender equality within the context of secure tenure for marginalized groups. 

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