Shan Shui Conservation Centre

Home Landscape Conservation Center is registered with biodiversity conservation organizations, currently mainly in western China, demonstration of man and nature live in harmony instance, and to promote nature conservation in national and local policies and public awareness in the mainstream. Landscape Conservation Center (the "landscape") is the protection of international partners. Conservation International (CI) is a global biodiversity conservation in international civil society organizations.

We want a world: the human, and human needs and aspirations of all - spiritual, cultural and economic, can be forever and other life on Earth in harmony. We expect China to embark on a eco-friendly development, set an example for the world. 
We firmly believe: Only the Earth's natural heritage is protected, our children Caineng spiritually, culturally and economically prosperous.Our mission is to protect the Earth's remaining natural heritage - biodiversity in China, through innovative solutions, to launch government, business and civil society efforts to prove that human society is the ability to live in harmony with nature.

Our role: to harmonize conservation and development model of possible options as a catalyst, coordinator and supporter, to promote the process of China's biodiversity conservation and mainstreaming, and promote global environmental protection in China's positive role in the field.

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