RTON - Fundacja Rozwój Tak - Odkrywki Nie/Foundation Development Yes Open-Pit Mines No

The Foundation "Development YES – Open-Pit Mines NO" (abbreviated as "DY-OPMN")

Foundation "DY-OPMN" is the formal and legal representation of the Polish National Coalition „Development YES – Open-pit mines NO" – a civil society grassroots movement to prevent plans to build new lignite open-pit mines and supporting the transformation of the Polish economy - from the one based on fossil fuels to a resource-efficient and new renewables-based one.

The idea for ​​establishing the Foundation was unanimously accepted by the members of National Coalition DY-OPMN during a program meeting of the Coalition in Wroclaw, in February 2015.

Representatives of the„ anti-open-pit mines" associations, local authorities from threatened areas and non-governmental organizations forming the Coalition "Development YES - Open pit mines NO " agreed that the Foundation of the same name as the one used by the Coalition will efficiently and effectively achieve the objectives of the entire Coalition, enabling them as an entity to possess a legal personality, new opportunities and tools for the implementation of the Coaliton’s plans. Following an agreement between the Coalition partners of its statutory objectives and their implementation plans Foundation "DY-OPMN" has been entered in the National Court Register (KRS) with effect from 1 June 2015 No. 0000558840.

Foundation DY-OPMN headquarters are located in the city of Legnica. Foundation "Development YES - Open pit mines NO " and the National Coalition DY-OPMN are both connected by the person of Ms. Irena Rogowska as President of the Board of the Foundation and of the President of the Coalition. Radosław Gawlik is chairing the Programme Board, while simultaneously acting as a Vice-President of the Coalition and the president of the Association "EKO-UNIA".

Contact Information: 
ul. Rycerska 24
Legnica 59-220