Oil Change International

Oil Change International campaigns to expose the true costs of oil and facilitate the coming transition towards clean energy. We are dedicated to identifying and overcoming barriers to that transition.

We are the first organization dedicated to identifying, overcoming, and dismantling the barriers to clean energy. We focus on the oil industry because we view the production and consumption of oil as a source of global warming, human rights abuses, war, national security concerns, corporate globalization, and increased inequality. We also see fossil fuel industry’s interests behind every major political barrier to a clean energy transition.

We believe the barriers to a clean energy transition include: 1) the political influence of the oil industry, particularly in the United States; 2) the myth that oil production and consumption brings affluence, particularly in the Global South; and 3) the fact that the oil industry is structured to financially reward finding more oil, not providing more energy.

To expose these barriers, we “follow the money,” serving as a consistent and credible source of information on the fossil fuel industry. We provide daily updates on the latest news about the oil industry on our blog at www.PriceOfOil.org. Our website vwww.DirtyEnergyMoney.com shows campaign contributions to U.S. politicians from the oil, gas and coal industries. We also track subsidies to dirty energy, including the use of international development funds to subsidize the oil industry. And through our research and analysis, we examine policy developments, fossil fuel industry trends, and the way the industry uses its influence in politics.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we craft strategic, incisive campaigns, supporting a diversity of strategies and tactics to challenge the influence of the fossil fuel industry. To achieve our goals, we network with people and organizations around the world that are committed to promoting progress in the energy industry towards an environmentally and socially sustainable energy future.

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