NU - Natur og Ungdom / Nature and Youth (FoE youth Norway)

Nature and Youth is the largest environmentalist youth organisation in Norway. We have local groups who work on environmental issues all over the country. Nature and Youth seeks to be at the leading edge of the issues, speaking out on what needs to be done. We put environmental problems on the agenda, put pressure on politicians and bureaucrats, and point out environment-friendly solutions.

An ever increasing consumpion of resources is the main cause of environmental problems. In Nature and Youth, young people can work on the issues they are concerned about, in their home towns. We see the local issues in a wider context. All the small, local environmental problems put together are what makes up the threat to life on earth.

We believe that everyone must lend a hand if we are to solve the environmental problems. Nature and Youth is an organisation for people who want to work actively for protection of the environment.

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Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth)
Postboks 4783, Sofienberg
0506 OSLO
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