Kiko Network


Kiko Network is a non-governmental organization(NGO) supported by individuals, organizations and regional networks from all over Japan.
Our goal is the practical implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and the prevention of dangerous climate change. We have engaged in activities relevant to our five objectives.

Five Objectives

  • 6 % reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by drastic domestic measures
  • Construction of environmentally sound socio-economical systems
  • Promoting climate change prevention under leadership of citizens and communities
  • Citizen participation and information disclosure into the policy-making process
  • Cooperation among NGOs in developed and in developing countries to achieve global justice



Watch the Kiko Network channel (uploaded to YouTube) to explain about topics on energy and climate in Japan. It's recorded in Japanese, but also gradually translated to English, Chinese and Korean to share current discussion in Japan.

Contact Information: 
Kiko Network
#305 Takakura Bldg. Takakura-dori, Shijo-agaru, Nakagyo-ku
604-8124 26
Kyoto JP