Khazer - Ecological and Cultural NGO

Khazer Ecological and Cultural NGO was established in 1991. It is a public, non-governmental organization, whose founders, members and participants are united by a common idea. This idea is the preservation and restoration of national traditions, customs and, in general, spiritual heritage. Those topics are lead according to the basis of a society's self-organization, as well as sustainable development of public relations.

Our NGO's activities are built upon the principle according to which protection and careful attitude to nature are moral issues, which are interrelated with protection of cultural and spiritual heritage in general.

Since 1997, Khazer has been actively involved in the activities of "Armenia-Country Study on Climate Change" Project. Khazer is an active participant of the process of education for sustainable development in Armenia. Our NGO is a member of commission on sustainable development, which contributes to developing an integrated education approach, providing a forum for all stakeholders and preparing training materials for trainers.

We are a member of different communities: Aarhus Center Board Expert on Environmental Education, member of Union of Ecological NGOs, member of Adults Education Association, Euro-Asian Association of Children Environmental Health and Woman in Europe for Common Future. We develop, publish and disseminate booklets on different environmental challenges facing Armenia. We produced films on climate change, biodiversity, etc.

Our NGO has been cooperating with the "National Ozone Project" Centre and Climate Change Information Centre, RA since 2000 and is in charge for awareness raising and information dissemination.

Khazer has also youth group, which is actively involved in information dissemination activities among students and school-children. We regularly organize environmental events and celebrations of the international environmental days, such as the International Day of Ozone Layer Protection, Biodiversity, Earth Day, etc.

Contact Information: 
Saryan St., 38 Building, Apt. 27
0002 YER
Yerevan AM