Institute for Social and Environmental Transition- Nepal (ISET-N)


ISET-Nepal  a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation was established in 2001 to study and analyse developmental issues of rapidly changing social and environmental context that demand new insights into the emerging challenges to manage resources for sustainable development.

ISET-Nepal has dedicated its organisational focus to generate, explore and disseminate knowledge on changing social and environmental context through research, publications and engagement in public debates to address the emerging challenges and issues.

Envisions a society capable of addressing the emerging social and environmental challenges through improved local institutional capacity to respond flexibly and consciously using innovative approaches and sustainable solutions as new issues arise.

To improve understanding and elevate the level of dialogue as civil society attempts to respond to natural resource and environmental challenges in a rapidly changing social and economic context through generation and dissemination of new knowledge on diverse issues that affect both natural resources and general well being of the society


  1. To conduct academic studies and researches on environment and social development. 
  2. To work towards increasing the capacity of youth having inclination for study, research and academic activities.
  3. To promote education, training and exchange of academic cooperation, interactions and discussions at local, regional  and national level. 
Contact Information: 
Manasi Marga, Kathmandu Municipality-4
P.O.Box: 3971