Greening Niagara (Climate Action Niagara)

We are a non-profit environmental organization that provides eco-education and actions on issues relating to climate change to improve resilience in Niagara. 

From marginalized community groups to corporations, we seek to inspire others to advance sustainability and increase resiliency in the Niagara region. We partner with individuals, businesses, other non-profit organizations and local government bodies. Our programs focus on facilitating education-in-action and provide the tools to make lifestyle changes that can create a large and lasting impact on our community and environment. 

We provide programs and tools to help individuals reduce carbon emissions and contribute to healthier, economically stronger communities. We collaborate closely with municipalities, businesses, school boards, faith-based organizations, volunteers, and other community-based non-profits and charities. We assist observable change through our local initiatives. 

To provide environmental education and community projects

To cultivate a healthier Niagara 

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