Green Earth Volunteers


Green Earth Volunteers (GEV) was founded in 1996 by senior environmental journalist Wang Yongchen. GEV has initiated many landmark green activities in the history of Chinese environmental NGOs. Prominent examples are environment journalist salons, “Eco-water Tour”, “Nature University”, “Southwest River Decade Journey” and “Yellow River Decade Journey”. We also organize bird watching activities in Beijing and participated in the “Green Ribbon Campaign” and the “26 ̊C Air Conditioning Campaign”. Now, GEV is a ‘glocal’ NGO of journalists that advocates environmental protection, civil society development and public participation. GEV focuses more and more on climate change, river protection, corporate environmental responsibility and low-carbon society.

  • Our mission: promote environmental information disclosure, improve the public’s focus and participation in environmental protection,and facilitate more scientific and impartial public decision making for environmental protection.
  • Our focus: climate change, river protection, enterprise environmental governance, low carbon life
Contact Information: 
No. 21, Lane 2, Paoju, Dongcheng District, Beijing