Friends of the Earth - Japan

Studies and research
To investigate and analyze the real nature of environmental problems and to research fundamental solutions with global and long-term merit.

Making proposals
To propose solutions to environmental problems to the government and the business world, as well as at international negotiations.

To gain strength through cooperation with the international FoE network, as well as with local groups on common issues in various fields and areas.

To inform all people in an easily understood way, through the media or our own releases, about the vision of FoE Japan and the actual situation of environmental problems.

Global Warming is anticipated to lead serious crisis to the future of human beings and biogeocenosis and we cannot afford no further delay to take action for the solution.

FoE Japan makes policy recommendation for the construction of fair international framework and the shift to low carbon society, cooperates with companies and local communities, and conducts diffusion educational activities.

Contact Information: 
3-30-8-1F Ikebukuro Toshima-ku
171-0014 Tokyo