Development Wheel (DEW)

Development Wheel (DEW) is a non-profit development organization founded in 1996 by a few development professionals and researchers to promote self-help poverty alleviation initiatives of the poorest households in Bangladesh. The main focus of the organization is to work for the promotion of the Arts and Crafts sector of Bangladesh through facilitating the development of small enterprises with an aim to generate sustainable self-employment opportunities for under-privileged rural and urban people. Besides, DEW is also active in the fields of climate change, livelihoods security, agricultural promotion, gender issues, essential service, sustainable livelihoods, human rights and good governance in partnership and collaboration with different international and national organizations.

To combat the adverse impact of climate change on the Char dwellers, DEW is actively working to promote adaptation technologies. DEW supports vulnerable groups by providing them with sustainable livelihood technology and runs awareness programs through conducting research, training, IEC materials, rally, etc. DEW also organizes rural livelihood and agricultural biodiversity fair, demonstration, human chain, memorandum, promoting sustainable agriculture practices. The project is supported by Oxfam International under its climate change and Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Programme (CSRL). DEW is one of the members of CANSA-Climate Action Network of South Asia.

Contact Information: 
13-A/4-A (3rd Floor), Babar Road, Block-B, Mohammadpur
1207 Dhaka