Climate Action Now Wingecarribee (CAN-Win)


Welcome to CANWin (Climate Action Now! Wingecarribee), a non-partisan community group in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

CANWin runs regular lecture nights with wise and inspiring speakers, as well as collaborating with other local groups that share our vision of a united, resilient and sustainable community.CANWin is working to engage with the local community in its efforts to minimise climate change and prepare for the effects of peak oil. We recognise that none of us can do this alone, but together we “must be the change we want to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi).

One of our primary and most exciting ventures is Transition Shire Wingecarribee, part of the world-wide Transition Network. TSW works to bring climate change and peak oil to the attention of locals, but also to function as a catalyst and/or support for community groups and action. Transition initiatives’ Holy Grail is a path from our current fossil fuel-dependent lifestyles to a more locally-based, simple and mindful community.

Contact Information: 
P.O. Box 1193
NSW 2576 Bowral