Citizen's Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA)



CASA was established on October 17th,1988, for the purpose of protecting both regional and global environments through solidarity with foreign and local Japanese NGOs.

Our activities follow three simple ideas: 

 ・The research, exchange, and proposal of activities concerning global environmental problems

 ・The exchange of ideas and alliance with overseas NGOs

 ・The support of local air pollution victims

In other words, three types of anti-pollution groups were combined in order to form CASA.

 CASA is a Environmental NGO which was formed by the individual citizens and citizens' groups who supported our ideas. As of 1997, there are approximately 50 NGOs and 500 citizens (including researchers and lawyers) dealing with various environmental issues all over Japan.

Contact Information: 
2-1-19-470  Chuo-ku, Uchihonmachi
540-0026 Osaka