Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES)

Center for Environmental Solutions  - a non-profit non-governmental agency established in Belarus in 2009 to promote the eco-friendly lifestyle and the principles of sustainable development, the development of international cooperation in order to preserve the environment.

The main areas of our work - energy efficiency and conservation, chemical safety, recycling of resources, green consumption, organic agriculture.

Events Energy campaign promoting the principles of energy conservation and maximum use in agriculture and production of renewable energy.

The campaign was created and operates a unique mobile exhibition Journey to the largest power plant in Belarus , held information events, promotions, international summer camps and festivals.

Campaign is to complement the Energy School Project for Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE) , including education in the field of energy conservation and renewable energy sources for teachers and school administrators, students and their parents, along with the introduction of a variety of practice-oriented measures for energy conservation in schools and homes.

As part of the Campaign for Sustainable Resource Management CED staff are addressing urgent problems with waste management and sustainable use of resources. We actively promote the idea of separate waste collection, recycling and the concept of zero waste (Zero Waste).

Problems in the presence of chemical goods and products, electronic waste, persistent organic pollutants, the problem of waste incineration has been Antitoxic campaign , which was created to raise awareness of the issue in the management of chemicals and wastes in Belarus and the search for solutions to these problems.

As part of this campaign and campaign for Sustainable Resource Management created the Public Information Centre on Waste and Chemicals , which collects and disseminates relevant information on these issues.

Green consumption - a project that promotes environmentally friendly lifestyle, actively working with customers on the problem binge. The project we are implementing positive practices of consumption, conduct informational events, promotions, themed creative competitions. Project website:www.greenconsumption.org .

Within the campaign for organic agriculture we popularize methods of sustainable agriculture that do not involve the use of pesticides and / or chemical fertilizers.The campaign organized educational seminars for farmers produced information materials and is working on the creation of organic market in Belarus.

CED activities funded through partnership projects with various international environmental organizations, financial support from foundations and donations of citizens.

Contact Information: 
220029, Minsk, Masherova 9-1\1