• ALOFA TUVALU was born from the will to save Tuvalu, the first nation threatened to be submerged due to climate change. This 26 km² archipelago – 9 islands lost in the South Pacific – is the symbol of what awaits us all if we do nothing to stop global warming. 

    After a film “Trouble in Paradise” produced in 2003 about the situation in Tuvalu, Gilliane Le Gallic (who initiated Earth Day in french speaking countries in 1990) went back to gather the Tuvaluans around her assistance project “Small is Beautiful”. Back in France, she created the association in February 2005 in order to host the project. Today ALOFA TUVALU gathers several hundreds of members and supports, including media, artists, scientists, and of course Tuvaluans.

    Because we are all Tuvaluans, ALOFA TUVALU nourishes the ambition to contribute to an active global movement through a set of concrete and reproducible actions on the archipelago. Their reproduction will give us as many tools to preserve our environment, and hopes of a solution for all of us.

    Key player of the United Nations Decade for Education in Sustainable Development, Alofa Tuvalu is a French Climate Action Network board member. Promoting experience sharing, the NGO has been contributing to a climate refugees working group coordinated by the European Deputy Helène Flautre ; Alofa Tuvalu is a member of the Collectif for International Solidarity at the Education League and a guest member of Coordination Sud Climate Commission. The NGO is also a member of the Directors in Environment European Society (SERE).

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