ACT for the Earth

ACT for the Earth educates and mobilizes people and communities to take action for peace, ecology, and human rights.

ACT (formerly ACT for Disarmament) was founded in 1982 as the Against Cruise Testing Coalition, and quickly mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets in opposition to the testing of US cruise missiles in Canada. In 2004, ACT changed its name to ACT for the Earth to reflect our holistic approach to peace, ecology, and human rights.

Over the years ACT has launched many successful campaigns and initiatives, including:

-the International Campaign for the Innu and the Earth
-cofounding the Conscientious Objector's Registry in 1991
-the Canadian Campaign to Free Mordecai Vanunu
-the boycott of General Electric, which in 1992, caused the company to discontinue its manufacturing of strategic nuclear weapons
-Cofounding the War Resisters Support Campaign in 2004

Currently, ACT for the Earth has representatives on the steering committees of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, the Canadian Peace Alliance, and the Canadian Campaign to Stop Killer Coke

Contact Information: 
238 Queen Street West Lower Level
M5V 1Z7 Toronto , ON
Ontario CA