Francesca Dattesi - Junior Programe Officer


About Francesca

Francesca has joined CAN in March 2020.

Francesca holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy, obtained at SciencesPO Paris after achieving a Bachelor in International Relations at Cardiff University. One of her main interests is exploring the relationship between humans and the non-human world, which brought her to write two theses on the Rights of Nature.

While studying, she participated to several volunteering projects, in particular one in Colombia, where she contributed to organise an event and the related awareness campaign on the importance of a clean environment. Between her bachelor’s and master’s degree, she did an internship at Fundación Biosfera, an environmental NGO based in Argentina, where she worked on climate change policy, environmental protection, also raising awareness on these topics.

In her free time, she enjoys painting her own t-shirts, playing boardgames and creating bracelets and other objects to express her creativity.

Francesca is currently based in the coastal town of Nettuno, Italy.