As Warsaw goes down to the wire, NGOs outline what's at stake

Warsaw, November 22 - With the United Nations climate negotiations in Warsaw expected to wrap up this evening, civil society representatives will brief media on the crunch issues that are still in play. 

With some emerging economies blocking a way forward on a fair way to divide climate action and still other delegations fighting a solid agreement on when and where pledges for the 2015 global climate action plan should be made, ministers have a lot to do in today's COP plenary which is currently scheduled to begin at 3pm.

What: Climate policy experts to brief journalists on developments in the negotiations in Warsaw.

Alden Meyer, director of policy and strategy, Union of Concerned Scientists, USA,
Uthra Radhakrishnan, research associate, Center for Science and Environment, India. 

When: 3pm CET, today, Friday. 

Where: COP19 Venue, National Stadium Warsaw, Press Conference Room 2 located on Level -2/Zone E6, right next to Plenary 2. 

The press conference will also be webcast live here:


For more information or for one-on-one interviews with the NGO experts, please contact Climate Action Network International’s communications coordinator Ria Voorhaar on +49 (0) 157 317 35568 or

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