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May 17, 2016 - 8:18pm

ECO would like to express its solidarity with the tens of millions of people around the world presently suffering from a super strong El Niño, on top of record breaking temperatures. These circumstances paint a bleak future for many, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised peoples. Let us not forget, they are the least responsible for climate change.

May 17, 2016 - 8:16pm

ECO has observed that many people believe there’s already an ambition mechanism in place. But the disappointing reality is, we don’t have one (yet).  Though we left Paris with many useful things, that didn’t include a set of INDCs strong enough to support an real drive toward 1.5°C, nor even a clear plan for strengthening them.

May 17, 2016 - 8:14pm

Before the SBSTA agriculture workshops, ECO wants to remind Parties that nearly 800 million people are chronically hungry. With over 75% of the world’s poor people living in rural areas and primarily reliant on agriculture, this issue needs to be higher up in the food chain of importance.

May 17, 2016 - 8:12pm

Here’s some good news: 2015 saw all the big international policy venues—from the Sustainable Development Goals to the Paris Agreement to the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction—commit to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment for more effective, just and inclusive climate and development policies.

May 17, 2016 - 8:10pm

If governments are serious about keeping temperature increases to 1.5°C, the next step is obvious: scale up levels of ambition on energy transition. There is no time left to delay embarking on a just transition to limit irreversible and disastrous climate damages. Observed atmospheric CO2 concentrations continue skyrocketing — bad news indeed.