Fossil of the Day 07 December 2019

07 December - Fossil of the Day goes to the US!

Today’s fossil award goes to the United States (US) yet again!

This time for blocking financial support to vulnerable communities receiving the blow of climate change - which the US is disproportionately responsible for creating.

Apparently, the US wants to make sure that the rest of us properly grasped their stonewalling intentions: They are not paying any greenbacks for loss and damage. Rumor has it, they expect Mexico to pay for it!

The Richest Country in the world reiterated that they will not support Loss and Damage finance, and now they also thumbed their nose at developing countries by essentially saying that the executive committee  on loss and damage should continue its cerebral exercise of “breaking down the issues” (whatever that means) to determine what support or finance is needed - which is essentially saying “send me a detailed bill, that I have no intention of paying.” 

Furthermore, if the executive committee on loss and damage is unable to complete this work then the finance aspect should only be discussed when the task is completed —which could mean 7-8 years down the road. The world and the science respond by saying: we do NOT have 7-8 years! Also, need we remind you, that because of your fossil fuel addiction - you damaged the climate and it is far beyond time to take responsibility for your behavior and pay for damages.

In a nutshell: the US says that the executive committee on loss and damage should do more to determine risks, linking them to actions to be taken, then spell out the support and finance necessary for actions. The US doesn´t want to discuss finance before that academic work is done. This is nonsense! The US should shut its mouth and immediately pay for the losses and damages felt by those who did nothing to cause this crisis.

It seems that our number one per capita polluter wants to collect the record number of fossils at this COP!  If that truly is your goal, US of A, congratulations, you are well on your way.  



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