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MADE - Muslim Action for Development & Environment

  • We live in a increasingly unequal and unjust world where basic human rights such as freedom of speech, access to education and free healthcare are denied to millions across the globe. Far from moving towards equality, global inequality is rising. There is a huge gap between rich and poor. Half of the world’s population - that’s three billion people - live in absolute poverty. Inequality and poverty arise from various causes; from restrictive international trade arrangements or unjust power structures, to war and conflict or natural disasters.  

    MADE in Europe believes that the young Muslims of Europe can and must play a part in the global search for solutions. Whether through raising awareness in your communities, volunteering overseas or in the UK, or choosing a career in international development, we believe that we can empower young Muslims to be at the forefront of the global poverty debate, to challenge global norms and to become leaders of social change. Our response to these challenges will be rooted in the tradition of social action, peace, justice, empowerment, human rights and diversity within Islam. 

  • Mission
    Our mission is to inspire and enable a grassroots Muslim youth movement of faith in action for tackling global poverty and injustice through volunteering, campaigning and education. We also provide capacity building services for Muslim NGOs and support for cross-faith initiatives in international development.
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46 Whitechapel Road
E1 1JX London
United Kingdom
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RTON - Fundacja Rozwój Tak - Odkrywki Nie/Foundation Development Yes Open-Pit Mines No

The Foundation "Development YES – Open-Pit Mines NO" (abbreviated as "DY-OPMN")

Foundation "DY-OPMN" is the formal and legal representation of the Polish National Coalition „Development YES – Open-pit mines NO" – a civil society grassroots movement to prevent plans to build new lignite open-pit mines and supporting the transformation of the Polish economy - from the one based on fossil fuels to a resource-efficient and new renewables-based one.

The idea for ​​establishing the Foundation was unanimously accepted by the members of National Coalition DY-OPMN during a program meeting of the Coalition in Wroclaw, in February 2015.

Representatives of the„ anti-open-pit mines" associations, local authorities from threatened areas and non-governmental organizations forming the Coalition "Development YES - Open pit mines NO " agreed that the Foundation of the same name as the one used by the Coalition will efficiently and effectively achieve the objectives of the entire Coalition, enabling them as an entity to possess a legal personality, new opportunities and tools for the implementation of the Coaliton’s plans. Following an agreement between the Coalition partners of its statutory objectives and their implementation plans Foundation "DY-OPMN" has been entered in the National Court Register (KRS) with effect from 1 June 2015 No. 0000558840.

Foundation DY-OPMN headquarters are located in the city of Legnica. Foundation "Development YES - Open pit mines NO " and the National Coalition DY-OPMN are both connected by the person of Ms. Irena Rogowska as President of the Board of the Foundation and of the President of the Coalition. Radosław Gawlik is chairing the Programme Board, while simultaneously acting as a Vice-President of the Coalition and the president of the Association "EKO-UNIA".

Tomasz Waśniewski is the President of the Foundation "RT-ON" (co-founder of the Social Committee "STOP open pit mine" and the National Coalition "RT-ON" too). The other members of the Foundation Board and Founders are: Jakub "Kuba" Gogolewski (energy expert currently based in Brussels), Andrzej Holdenmajer (local government, ex-mayor of Ścinawa), Waldemar Kwaśny (local government, ex-mayor of Milkowice), Janusz Łucki (local government , a spokesman for the Coalition, vice president of the Foundation). The leaders of the organization have many years of experience working in the local government, business and NGO-s. They organized a successful referendum against an open-cast mine near Legnica and Lubin. In 2009 they were also the initiators of the creation of the Social Committee "Stop the open pit mine" and the National Coalition "Development YES - Open pit mines NO" in 2011. They have written and submitted a petition to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament, held talks with the Polish government and organized an official fact-finding mission of the Members of the European Parliament to Poland in 2013. The Foundation has vast personnel resources, knowledge, skills and experience.

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ISD - Fundacja Instytut na rzecz Ekorozwoju / Institute for Sustainable Development

The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is a non-governmental think-tank type organisation which was found in 1990 on the initiative of few members of the Polish Ecological Club. ISD works for the promotion and implementation of the principles and solutions which contribute to Poland's sustainable development.

In its activities, the Institute is guided by its mission to:

  • build positive relations between socio-economic development and environmental protection;
  • act in the interest of the present and future generations.

The Institute is a member of the European Environmental Bureau and takes part in the national NGO coalitions, e.g. the Climate, for EU Funds and of Forum for the Animation of Rural Areas. 

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MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization active since 1990, that comprises of 120 'Full Members' who form its annual General Assembly and approximately 3000 'Supporting Members'. MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network is registered in the Index of NGOs of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Policy guidelines and priorities are drawn from the General Assembly that also elects the 7-members' Administrative Board. Currently, President of the Board is Mr Evagellos Koukiasas(see MEDSOS Network Organizational chart) .
At present, MEDITERRANEAN S.O.S. has 9 permanent collaborators/ staff(environmentalists, engineers, social scientists, administrative personnel). A network of external collaborators and scientific partners is being involved in certain projects in part-time or voluntary basis. 


  • Public awareness raising and encouraging changes in citizens' -especially youth- everyday behavior that impact on the environment
  • Advocating, lobbying and promoting cooperation among social partners, stakeholders and policy-makers at local, national, regional level
  • Promoting active public participation in sustainable development strategies and demonstrating alternative solutions in local communities
  • Promoting intercultural exchanges and balanced international cooperation among European - Mediterranean partners


...and methods:

  • information campaigns at the local, national and regional level
  • networks with NGOs and public agencies at local, national, regional and Euro-Med level
  • Environmental education projects in schools(training packages, creative games / competitions)
  • volunteer summer camps, field work, voluntary clean-ups
  • youth groups exchange and training projects
  • Implementation of conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Collaboration with national and local media
  • production of print, audiovisual and multimedia material :

Publication of thematic tri-monthly magazine for members and supporters( aprox. 4000 members)
- Publication of monthly e-newsletter (emailing lists exceed 10.000 receivers)
- Production of TV/radio spots
- Production of informative material (leaflets, brochures, etc)


  • Membership in International networks and organisations

- UNEP/MAP NGO partners
- European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
- Mediterranean Information Office (MIO-ECSDE)
- European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC)
- International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
- Climate Action Network (CAN)
- National Network of Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures
- Euro-Mediterranean Youth Platform

- Water Footprint Network

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DCA - Folkekirkens Nødhjælp / DanChurchAid (Danish National Church’s Relief Aid)


DanChurchAid’s aim is to strengthen the world’s poorest people in their struggle for a life in dignity.

Our work is based on a Christian view of humanity with respect for every individual’s rights and equal worth.

DanChurchAid is rooted in the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church, but is active wherever we find the need is highest, regardless of religion, gender, political beliefs, race, national or ethnic origins, handicaps or sexual orientation.


We cooperate with numerous local partners, other national and church organisations as well as international networks.

We are a part of the  ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) – an alliance that consists of more than 100 churches and humanitarian organisations across the world. Together, we make up one of the world’s five largest NGOs. ACT Alliance works with development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy in more than 120 countries.

DanChurchAid is an independent organisation. Our work is financed via fundraising campaigns, contributions from individuals, companies and funds from the Danish government (Danida), the UN, EU and other bilateral donors.

The organisation has a long-term framework agreement with  Danida, a framework partnership agreement with the  Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) of the European Commission, and has implemented numerous contracts with the  EuropeAid Co-operation Office and several UN agencies.

Further details on our cooperation with International donors can be found here.


In Vision & Plan you will find the purpose of our work, our vision for a better world and the values upon which we build our organisation at home and abroad.

Vision & Plan is the framework for all other strategies, policies and plans we develop.

The current version of the Vision & Plan was approved by the Council in April 2010 after a thorough discussion among employees, management and DanChurchAid’s Board and Council.

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Change Partnership

Change Partnership is an independent not-for-profit think-tank seeking to solve the politics of transition to a clean, secure and proposerous climate. We deliver these aims by creating innovative policy and political solutions as well as organising decision-makers in governments, business and civil society to ensure real change is achieved.

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United States

Nature Code - Centre of Development and Environment

About Nature Code

Nature Code stands for evidence based advocacy. We champion policy solutions that promote environmental integrity, transparency, good governance and contribute to sustainable development. We support civil society groups around the world to build networks, gain access to information and hold the powerful to account. We build experience exchange and create dialogue with decision makers to find solutions at national, regional and international levels. Hence our mantra: Our planet is not for sale.

Nature Code aims at…
- Contributing to promoting the principle of sustainable development and an environmentally sound economy as key pillars of society, politics and business;
- Conserving biological diversity and protecting and restoring nature and all its components as well as halting the destruction and degradation of nature and the environment;
- Supporting civil society groups in developing countries to protect themselves against the impact of climate change and to adapt to the requirements of a sustainable energy system;
- Opposing activities of society, politics and business that impair the quality of life and the environment; and
- Promoting models and best practice examples for sustainable ways of living and working, both in developed and developing countries.

The Activities of Nature Code are for…
- Publication and dissemination of information
- Capacity building for civil society groups in developing countries
- Awareness raising for sustainable lifestyles
- Establishing contacts to other groups in society

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Action Contre la Faim France (ACF)


Action against Hunger was founded in 1979 by a group of French intellectuals in response to the emergency in Afghanistan.

Our fight

ACF’s mission consists of saving lives via the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition, in particular during and following disasters and conflicts.

Our charter

In all of its activities, ACF abides by the following principles set out in its charter.

Our finances

The legitimacy of an action inevitably rests on the care taken to operate it with clarity and rigour, particularly the financial side.

ACF International

In order better to respond to people’s needs, Action contre la Faim has developed an international network

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