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WWF Hungary

Alapítványunk bejegyzése 1995-ben történt meg, azóta önálló civil szervezetként működünk, 1998-ban pedig megkaptuk a kiemelten közhasznú civil szervezet minősítést. A jogszabályi változás miatt 2011-ben közhasznúra módosult a státuszunk, azonban természetvédelmi tevékenységünket ez semmilyen formában nem befolyásolta.

Természetvédelmi munkánk kiterjed a vizesélőhelyek - kiemelten a folyóvízi és ártéri rendszerek - és a természetes erdeink védelmére, a fenntartható, környezetbarát mezőgazdaság és vidékfejlesztés területére, a védett és veszélyeztetett élőhelyek és fajok megóvására. Emellett nagy figyelmet fordítunk a mérgező vegyi anyagokkal szembeni védelemre, az éghajlatváltozás hatásainak csökkentésére, és a környezettudatosság eszméjének minél szélesebb körű elterjesztésére.

Munkánk során együttműködünk a nemzeti parkokkal, természetvédelmi hatóságokkal, civil szervezetekkel, oktatási intézményekkel és az üzleti élet képviselőivel, valamint a helyi lakossággal. Regionális szinten szorosan együtt dolgozunk a WWF európai irodáival és más nemzetközi civil szervezetekkel, valamint a WWF Duna-Kárpátok Regionális irodájával.


In the past 25 years of its existence, WWF Hungary was working on conserving our unique natural treasures. After a 100 successful projects, our mission is unchanged: we are working tirelessly for humanity and nature to live in harmony with each other.

Our conservation work extends to the protection of wetlands and natural forests, close-to-nature forest management, the sustainable agriculture and rural development, and also the preservation of protected and endangered habitats and species such as lynx and wolf. Special attention is paid to reducing the impacts of climate change and spreading the word of environmental awareness.

We work closely with national parks, conservation authorities, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, business representatives and the local population – but we also need you on board!

Fields of activity

In many cases we don’t even realize that Hungary is an ecological paradise: we are surrounded by uniquely rich flora and fauna, world famous landscapes and gorgeous natural habitats. Our natural treasures, however, no matter how wonderful, need protection: industrial activities, infrastructure development, legislative changes, lack of knowledge, bad habits - just a few of the many threats. Fortunately, these can be changed. WWF Hungary works on protecting and restoring our natural values, and influencing the creation of the relevant legislation. Our experts are active in many areas, here are some of our most important projects.

We have been working on protecting our forests for a long time. In 2009, we successfully lobbied for a new Forest Law stating that it is mandatory to use nature-friendly and sustainable management measures in state forests. We participated in creating smaller "wilderness areas", such as the forest reserves in the Buda Hills and near the Balaton lake. In 2012, we successfully prevented the logging in the Csarna Valley, Hungary's largest undisturbed, strictly protected forest, with approx. 1000 acres.

We also invested a lot of work in the rehabilitation of our natural habitats. We completed the restoration works of the Liberty Island of the Danube, as our largest freshwater project so far. During the 5 years of the program, we cleaned the side branch of the island near Mohács, therefore gained back the sand and gravel essential to fish spawning. We gave the river back to species like the European Mudminnow and Zingel. The Tiszatarján habitat rehabilitation project is in progress since 2007. The aggressively spreading, invasive false indigo has squeezed the native plants from the wetlands of the Tisza’s tributary making it practically uninhabitable for flora and fauna. Cooperating with the local government, we cleaned the area, created energy plantations and produced not only energy for the local village but jobs as well. The rest of the land was given back to nature, the floodplains were inhabited by the WWF Hungary’s own water buffalos and Hungarian grey cattle.

Since 2003, we have engaged intensively in the protection of large carnivorous, like the wolf and the lynx, which has been slowly returning from being extinct in our country. Our primary aims are to inform the public and to support research. To inform and to protect their natural habitats is the main goal of our 7 year old lynx program. One of our long-term goals is to equip a lynx with a radio telemetry monitoring collar for observing the movement and habits of the animal. We are working together with the Aggtelek National Park to protect our wolves; observe the traces of animals, try to learn about their behaviors, estimate their numbers, and raise awareness to reduce the number of poaching. We want these carnivorous to feel at home again in our forests!

Contact Information: 
1141 Budapest, Álmos vezér útja 69/A (the building is marked by a panda sign)
Email : 

RTON - Fundacja Rozwój Tak - Odkrywki Nie/Foundation Development Yes Open-Pit Mines No

The Foundation "Development YES – Open-Pit Mines NO" (abbreviated as "DY-OPMN")

Foundation "DY-OPMN" is the formal and legal representation of the Polish National Coalition „Development YES – Open-pit mines NO" – a civil society grassroots movement to prevent plans to build new lignite open-pit mines and supporting the transformation of the Polish economy - from the one based on fossil fuels to a resource-efficient and new renewables-based one.

The idea for ​​establishing the Foundation was unanimously accepted by the members of National Coalition DY-OPMN during a program meeting of the Coalition in Wroclaw, in February 2015.

Representatives of the„ anti-open-pit mines" associations, local authorities from threatened areas and non-governmental organizations forming the Coalition "Development YES - Open pit mines NO " agreed that the Foundation of the same name as the one used by the Coalition will efficiently and effectively achieve the objectives of the entire Coalition, enabling them as an entity to possess a legal personality, new opportunities and tools for the implementation of the Coaliton’s plans. Following an agreement between the Coalition partners of its statutory objectives and their implementation plans Foundation "DY-OPMN" has been entered in the National Court Register (KRS) with effect from 1 June 2015 No. 0000558840.

Foundation DY-OPMN headquarters are located in the city of Legnica. Foundation "Development YES - Open pit mines NO " and the National Coalition DY-OPMN are both connected by the person of Ms. Irena Rogowska as President of the Board of the Foundation and of the President of the Coalition. Radosław Gawlik is chairing the Programme Board, while simultaneously acting as a Vice-President of the Coalition and the president of the Association "EKO-UNIA".

Contact Information: 
ul. Rycerska 24
Legnica 59-220


RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed, everyday people. Together we use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty.

Our campaigners receive training, support, and inspiration to become skilled advocates. In time, they learn to effectively advise policy makers, guiding them towards decisions that improve access to education, health, and economic opportunity.

Backed by the in-depth research and the political expertise of staff, RESULTS campaigners realise the incredible power they possess to use their voices to change the world.

Grassroots advocacy 

At the heart of RESULTS are our campaigners — people from all walks of life who want to make a difference. They receive training, support, and inspiration to become skilled advocates, influencing the political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. Our campaigners speak and act powerfully within their communities, spending months, and often years, building relationships with their elected representatives and other decision makers. 

Parliamentary advocacy 

Recognising the central role that governments play in allocating resources and setting policy to fight poverty, we work hard to build powerful, long-lasting relationships with MPs and peers in the Parliaments in the UK and Europe. We develop champions for our issues across all political parties, and influence decision-makers in the UK and internationally.

Policy advocacy 

Advocacy without policy is like style without substance. Through our policy work we develop rigorous expertise on our issues, which allows us to engage in top-level policy discussions with civil servants both in the UK and in Europe, as well as those working for international organisations like the World Bank and United Nations agencies that are crucial in the global fight against poverty. We make sure all our grassroots and parliamentary work is informed by that same smart policy intelligence.

Combining these different approaches in a coordinated way makes the whole greater than the sum of the individual parts and drives us in realising our vision of a world free from extreme poverty by 2030.  

Contact Information: 
31-33 Bondway
SW8 1SJ London
United Kingdom

PUSH Sweden

Varför behövs PUSH?

Många unga är idag oroade för framtiden. Hur ska vi förhindra klimatförändringar, finanskriser, fattigdom, resursbrist och orättvisor? Politiken agerar alldeles för långsamt och verkar inte heller bry sig om problemen.

Det som behövs nu är en stark röst som berättar att det är dags att ta utmaningarna på allvar. PUSH vill samla alla som vill se en på riktigt hållbar värld. Tillsammans kan vi pusha Sverige!

Vad är PUSH Sverige?

PUSH Sverige är en internetbaserad plattform där du hittar organisationer, eldsjälar, event och inspiration! PUSH har framför allt tre syften:

  • Att sammanföra unga människor och deras olika grupper, initiativ eller organisationer.
  • Att tillsammans bilda en stark röst som kan påverka och skapa riktig förändring.
  • Att motivera och inspirera fler unga till att engagera sig i frågor kring hållbar utveckling.

Vad gör PUSH?

Plattformen erbjuder sina medlemmar och stödmedlemmar flera olika funktioner online, och tanken är i första hand att hjälpa till att visa upp allt medlemmarna arrangerar och är del av. PUSH ordnar även lite egna saker för att främja samarbete:

  • Sök efter medlemmar eller organisationer i Sverige via kartan >>
  • Hitta event som medlemmar arrangerar eller lägg ut dina egna i vår kalender >>
  • Se vilka kampanjer och sociala event som PUSH Sverige har på gång >>
  • Vi sprider inspiration, fakta och info om och för medlemmar via vår facebooksida >>
  • PUSH föreläser och talar ur ungas perspektiv på olika event och konferenser.

Bakgrunden till nätverket

Idén till nätverket har vuxit fram ur det nätverk som skapades under de svenska Power Shift-konferenserna. PUSH Sverige och hemsidan lanserades i samband med Earth Hour 2013. Vill du veta mer om Power Shift, gå in på www.powershift.se.

Contact Information: 

Pro Natura - FoE Switzerland

Wer wir sind

Pro Natura ist die führende Organisation für Naturschutz in der Schweiz. Als Anwältin und Meinungsmacherin für Naturschutz verteidigt sie engagiert und kompetent die Interessen der Natur und setzt sich für die Förderung und den Erhalt der einheimischen Tier- und Pflanzenwelt ein. Zu den Pioniertaten der 1909 gegründeten Organisation gehört die Schaffung des Schweizerischen Nationalparks. Heute betreut Pro Natura über 650 Naturschutzgebiete und ein Dutzend Naturschutzzentren in der ganzen Schweiz. Mit ihren Sektionen ist Pro Natura in allen Kantonen der Schweiz aktiv.

Als privater, gemeinnütziger Verein ist Pro Natura auf Mitgliederbeiträge und Spenden angewiesen. Pro Natura zählt über 133’000 Mitglieder sowie rund 27’000 treue Gönnerinnen und Gönner. Pro Natura ist ZEWO-zertifiziert.

Was wir wollen - unsere Ziele

  • Biodiversität stärken
    Pro Natura will, dass geschützte Gebiete der Schweiz an Fläche und Qualität gewinnen, nicht geschützte ökologisch wertvoller werden. Häufige Arten müssen häufig bleiben, seltene wieder häufiger werden und die genetische Vielfalt wieder zunehmen.
  • Landschaftliche Identitäten sichern
    Pro Natura fordert, dass der Bodenverbrauch durch Überbauung und Zersiedelung gebremst und die Trennung zwischen Bau- und Nichtbauzone verbessert wird. Einzigartige und unverbaute Landschaften müssen besser geschützt werden.
  • Natürliche Ressourcen schonen
    Pro Natura ist überzeugt, dass private und gesellschaftliche Entscheide mit Rücksicht auf die natürlichen Ressourcen gefällt werden müssen. Alternativen zum unbegrenzten Wachstum müssen gesucht und geeignete Rahmenbedingungen geschaffen werden.
  • Naturbezug erhöhen
    Pro Natura ist sicher, dass dank einem stärkeren Bezug zur Natur und der Auseinandersetzung mit Verhaltensweisen der verantwortungsvolle Umgang mit der Umwelt und mit natürlichen Ressourcen zunehmen kann.

Wie wir unsere Ziele erreichen

Um ihre Ziele zu erreichen, setzt Pro Natura vier wirkungsvolle Instrumente ein:

  • Politischer Naturschutz
  • Praktischer Naturschutz
  • Umweltbildung
  • Kommunikation

Who we are

Pro Natura is the foremost Nature Conservation organisation in Switzerland. As an advocate and policy-maker for conservation, we are enthusiastic about and experienced in promoting the interests of nature. Pro Natura campaigns for the protection and preservation of native Swiss animals and plants. Pro Natura was founded in 1909 and one of its first pioneering projects was to establish the Swiss National Park. Today, Pro Natura is responsible for over 650 nature reserves spread over the whole of Switzerland, as well as two visitor centres. Pro Natura also has active branches in all of the Swiss cantons.

As a non-profit organisation, Pro Natura is dependent on membership fees and donations for over 80% of its annual turnover of 20 million Swiss francs. Pro Natura has 133,000 members, as well as some 27,000 loyal donors. Pro Natura is a registered non-profit organisation (ZEWO certified).

What we want – our goals

To promote biodiversity

Pro Natura wants the number and quality of protected nature reserves in Switzerland to increase, and unprotected sites to become more ecologically valuable. Common species must maintain their current distribution, rare species expand as their habitats improve, and genetic biodiversity increase.

To safeguard landscapes

Pro Natura promotes the reduction of building projects and urban sprawl. We also want a clear distinction between built-up and greenbelt zones. Unique and unspoilt landscapes must be effectively protected.

To protect natural resources

Pro Natura is committed to ensuring that all private and public planning decisions should take natural resources into account. Alternatives to unlimited growth must be sought and appropriate limitations established.

To increase interactions with nature

Pro Natura is convinced that contact with nature can lead to more responsible attitudes towards the environment and natural resources.

How we can reach our goals

In order to reach our goals, Pro Natura has established four effective strategies:

Political conservation

Pro Natura promotes sustainable policies wherever the natural environment is concerned. In collaboration with other national and international environmental organisations, we are a significant advocacy and lobbying group. Legal action is taken where necessary to protect the natural environment.

Practical conservation

Pro Natura is responsible for more than 650 nature reserves, corresponding to an area totalling some 250 km, spread over the whole of Switzerland. Many of these reserves are managed by Pro Natura, but we also own some 60 km2 of these reserves. This makes us the largest private landowner in Switzerland. Each year, Pro Natura adopts new areas or purchases new parcels of land to ensure protection of ecosystems, establish wildlife migration routes, and improve existing reserves. These nature reserves mean that Pro Natura can protect the habitats of a vast number of animal and plant species, enabling future generations to live in an attractive and unspoilt landscape. Pro Natura was founded partly with the purpose to create the first Swiss National Park (1914). Since then, we have helped to establish half of the total protected land in Switzerland. The creation and management of nature reserves is still one of Pro Natura’s main tasks.

Environmental education

Environmental education is another important aspect of Pro Natura’s activities. Campaigns designed for schools, as well as a documentation service for teachers, provide ideas which involve thousands of children every year.

The Pro Natura centres in Aletsch (Valais, in the Alps) and Champ-Pittet (on the shores of Lake Neuchatel) offer special programmes for schools and youth groups. A children’s magazine is also sent to all younger members of Pro Natura.

Communication and international networking

Pro Natura proclaims the wonders of nature and the necessity for conservation. «Pro Natura Magazine» is published five times a year and distributed free to all members. Media work, regular press releases, and a variety of other publications help to complete our communication effort.

Pro Natura is a founding member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Swiss member of Friends of the Earth International. Pro Natura is active in regional networks such as Friends of the Earth Europe and the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA).

Contact Information: 
Pro Natura
Dornacherstrasse 192
4053 Basel

Practical Action


Technology is a key to ending poverty. Technology doesn’t mean just physical infrastructure, machinery and equipment – it’s also the knowledge, skills and capacity to organise and use these effectively.

Practical Action currently has 104 projects in developing countries around the world.

From 2017 - 2020 we will continue to focus on improved access to: energy, sustainable agriculture, urban water, sanitation and waste services and disaster risk reduction.


In addition to our physical projects on the ground, our consultancy, publishing, educational and technical information services extend the reach of our practical approach to tackling poverty, scaling up our approach to reach millions more poor people worldwide.


Contact Information: 
Practical Action,
The Schumacher Centre Bourton on Dunsmore
United Kingdom

Oxfam Int - European Unit

Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries.

One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty.

Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

In all we do, Oxfam works with partner organizations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustices that cause poverty.

Contact Information: 
Oxfam International EU Advocacy Office
Rue de la Science 4,
1000 Brussels

OroVerde – Tropical Forest Foundation

Über OroVerde (= Grünes Gold)

OroVerde wurde im Jahr 1989 von renommierten Persönlichkeiten aus Wirtschaft und Naturwissenschaften gegründet. Initiator (ehemals ehrenamtlicher Stiftungsratsvorsitzender) war Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt, Ehren-Präsident des Deutschen Naturschutzrings (DNR), des Dachverbandes der Natur- und Umweltschutzverbände.

Die als gemeinnützig anerkannte Stiftung konzentriert sich auf konkrete und dauerhaft wirksame Beiträge zum Schutz der Tropenwälder. Ziel ist der Erhalt der Biodiversität und der Klimafunktion des Waldes.
Die Arbeiten werden organisiert und koordiniert von einem kleinen interdisziplinären Managementteam in der Bonner Zentrale.


Seit Gründung initiiert OroVerde Schutzprojekte, konzipiert sie und fördert sie finanziell. Die Durchführung erfolgt durch sorgfältig ausgewählte, zuverlässige Partner vor Ort. OroVerde-Fachleute begleiten die Projekte permanent und überwachen die Verwendung der Finanzmittel. Hauptbestandteile der Projekte: Wiederaufforstung, Umweltbildung, Einführung waldschonender Wirtschaftsweisen, Einrichtung von Schutzgebieten - in jedem Projekt Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe.

In Deutschland liegt der Schwerpunkt auf Umweltbildung und -information zum Thema Tropenwald sowie Förderung des Informationsaustausches zwischen Naturschutzorganisationen, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik. Es werden Aktionen durchgeführt, die zur Sensibilisierung für das Thema Tropenwald in Deutschland beitragen.

Contact Information: 
OroVerde – Die Tropenwaldstiftung
Burbacher Str. 81
53129 Bonn

NU - Natur og Ungdom / Nature and Youth (FoE youth Norway)

Nature and Youth is the largest environmentalist youth organisation in Norway. We have local groups who work on environmental issues all over the country. Nature and Youth seeks to be at the leading edge of the issues, speaking out on what needs to be done. We put environmental problems on the agenda, put pressure on politicians and bureaucrats, and point out environment-friendly solutions.

An ever increasing consumpion of resources is the main cause of environmental problems. In Nature and Youth, young people can work on the issues they are concerned about, in their home towns. We see the local issues in a wider context. All the small, local environmental problems put together are what makes up the threat to life on earth.

We believe that everyone must lend a hand if we are to solve the environmental problems. Nature and Youth is an organisation for people who want to work actively for protection of the environment.

Contact Information: 
Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth)
Postboks 4783, Sofienberg
0506 OSLO
Email : 


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