Stuck in the Middle with ICTU

Well, you started out so strong with a lot, but now you’re wondering what it is you should do… NDCs are a central pillar to of the Paris Agreement and it is of the utmost importance that we get comprehensive guidance for NDCs on APA agenda item 3. Features to the left of me, accounting to the right, here ECO is — stuck in the middle with ICTU. This guidance is essential to help countries understand each other’s commitments and will provide integrity as countries account for them.

We’re trying to make some sense of it all. But we can only come to one conclusion: progress under APA agenda item 3 has been bad this week. We were waiting for a breakthrough that would have allowed time for substantial discussions. But it never happened, and we’ve seen talks revert back to old dynamics. We now need Parties to pull together draft text reflecting the vision of the Paris Agreement, allowing its implementation and including all the elements of the preamble.

Time has been wasted and there is a clear lack of balance on progress of the Paris Agreement Work Programme. If we leave here with an impasse, we call on countries to come up with some bridging proposals to agree on the essential guidance that will inform them as they prepare to update and enhance their NDCs by 2020 and prepare to account for them in their reports. Time to brush the dust of yesterday’s work off your suit, have a strong coffee and get to work.

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