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Paving The Way Forward at COP23

In her final blog, LDP Fellow, Fatima Ahouli gives insight into COP 23


Paving The Way Forward at COP23


The 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23), presided by Fiji, was the first COP for the newly-elected CANAW Board, and my first COP as a Regional Coordinator. With the kind support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, CANAW strategic partner, all 7 members of the Board had the opportunity to attend in Bonn and work together as a team for the first time.


Since last August, preparations for COP23 were the focus of the CANAW Board’s work, as well as my own as an LDP and as a Regional Coordinator. This was an exciting and challenging time.

In addition to my usual coordination tasks with our partner and the participants on the logistics, I have had an important role, along with the Board and the CANI secretariat, in coordinating and preparing the agendas for the different meetings and events that the Board and CANAW members needed to attend during the COP23.


In the first week of COP23 we had to quickly organise ourselves, our daily schedules and understand the workings of the conference to make best use of our time and energy. The COP is an extremely busy place with a lot going on. This year the conference was spread across two zones which were 1½ km apart, added an interesting dynamic to ensuring the right people were in the right place at the right time. For me, I had to balance my work in the civil society zone, where there were some fantastic events and opportunities to meet partners and stakeholders, with attending key parts of the negotiations in the main UNFCCC building.


We started having daily meetings, where I shared the updates from the CANI daily as well as from the events that I attended. The Board members as well as the other CANAW members who were present shared their updates and views on the process and progress of the negotiations.

The Board met with 7 delegations from the Arab region (Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, Soudan and Mauritania, Saudi Arabia), an idea that was agreed on during the daily meetings and had its implementation in the second week of COP23.